Democracy in your hand

Inform, discuss, vote. Make the difference!

The Fractiekamer was developed with the help of the people behind the Open Source & Government Foundation and D-Cent. D-cent is a European program that has led to several participation platforms that are used throughout Europe. From complete regions such as Catalonia to universities to help politicians and administrators with policies and give stakeholders a voice.


With I want to show that citizens do want to be involved. WILL want to participate, think along and help. That policy for citizens WITH citizens is made. In the year 2020, it is essential for the preservation of our democracy to do so.


With this MVP that stands for Minimal Viable Product and that means the absolute functionality to make the platform work, we are constantly going to admit small groups of people to the platform. That does not mean that it is finished. There is still a lot of work to be done if we want to make this a fully-fledged participation platform. That will cost time and money. But this is enough for me to show that this is possible.

What can be done?

Interested parties can help to perfect the election program, help write and decide on motions and help to ask and follow up parliamentary questions. Experts can apply and get a special status because of their knowledge in a certain area.


In the future, the Parliamentary Papers will come directly with the content treatments and videos of the debates on the platform. As well as the submitted Parliamentary questions and answers with the persons involved from our party. All via the web or an app.